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Wineries & Tours

While in Mendoza, it is impossible to resist the temptation to visit the wineries that have made this province so famous. Mendoza is the most important winemaking pole in Argentina. Its wines have acquired worldwide recognition for their taste, aroma and color, especially its Malbec. Mendoza is a very large wine-producing province. Indeed, it is the 5th largest in the world and important domestic consumption has, for a long time, easily absorbed production. The existing environmental resources of Mendoza’s wine-production regions provide an outstanding framework for growing high-quality grapes in the most natural and healthy conditions. Add to that modern, state-of-the-art technology and Mendoza is able to provide world consumers delicious wines with all the color, aroma,fruit flavor and quality they desire. The winemaking process in Mendoza is performed by over 1000 wineries, divided in different types of companies; those which have a long history and began as a family project a long time ago (family wineries); those which are “no family wineries”; those which are “big size wineries” and those medium and small; those which have been borned based on foreign investments (no traditional wineries) and finally; the small wineries that produce small quantity of wines, many times called “boutique” wineries (based on foreign and domestic investments).


Duration: 8 Hours
• 9:00 - Hotel pick up by a private bilingual guide
• 9:30 – First winery visit –a previously made selection from the wineries listed bellow in the different regions or combined
• 11:00:Second winery visit
• 13:00: Third winery visit and lunch at the same winery. 5 course luch with wine pairing. or a lighter luch also with wine pairing
• 15:30: Fourth winery visit
• 17:00: Hotel drop off
• End of service
Visit the wine region of Lujan de Cuyo on this day tour from Mendoza. Tour wineries and vineyards while you enjoy wine-tasting and learn about the wine-making process. Choose from three to four wineries on this private tour and customize the itinerary. From small boutique wineries to large and majestic, always with magnificent Andes landscape views.

Hotel pick up and drop off included


Private guide to enjoy a more personalized treatment

Start your private tour with pickup from your hotel at 9am. Travel to the Lujan de Cuyo,Maipu or Uco Valley wine region from Mendoza. Customize your itinerary and visit three to four wineries in the area. Arrive at your first winery at approximately 9:30am. Take a 1-hour tour of the winery conducted by an experienced guide, winemaker or winery owner. Enjoy some wine-tasting following your tour. Experience the magic world of wines in direct contact with wine makers and owners and get in depth knowledge from them. Reach the next winery and begin your tour around 11:30am. Hear how the conveyor belts pass through a line of women who meticulously remove bad grapes, sticks and leaves from the good grapes. See the destemmer machine that gently separates the stems from the grapes, during the harvesting season of February through April. Watch as the women perform the laborious task of hand selecting grapes for the fermentation and maceration process, during harvest season. Begin your second wine-tasting session. Arrive at the third winery. Take a tour of the winery or skip ahead to wine-tasting. Eat a delicious lunch at the winery's restaurant. Select the fixed menu with wine pairing or arrange for a special menu prior to your tour. Head to the final stop and tour the fourth winery. Walk through the vineyards as your guide explains the process of wine-making. Enjoy more wine-tasting. Return to the hotel following your 8-hour private tour around 5:00pm. End of service



Mauricio Molina

Company owned by-Mauricio Molina- (picture) and conducted by me or one of my bilingual, experienced and friendly colleagues in a private car or van.

skype: nestor.mauricio.molina
cel: 0054 9 2613458624
Address: Olegario Andrade 173 - Ciudad (CP 5500)
Mendoza – Argentina

Wineries to Visit

Ruca Malen / Tapiz / Finca Decero / Norton / Achaval Ferrer / Lagarde / AltaVista / Catena Zapata / Viña Cobos / Septima / Casarena / Benegas / Dominio Del Plata / Melipal / Belasco de Baquedano / Walter Bressia / Cap Vistalba Winery / Clos de Chacras / Luigi Bosca / Renacer / Terrazas de Los Andes / Kaiken / Mendel Wines / RJ Viñedos / Bonfanti / Benegas / Nieto Senetiner / Others Ask

CarinaE / Domaine St Diego / Don Bosco / Tempus Alba / Cassone / Zuccardi / El Enemigo / Domiciano / Finca Agostino / La Rural / Trapiche / Viña del Cerno / Alandes / Others Ask

Pulenta Estate / Andeluna Cellars / Salentein / The Vines of Mendoza / Atamisque / Gimenez Riili / Lurton / La Azul / O. Fournier / Finca La Celia / Diamandes / Domaine Bousquet / Superuco / Solo Contigo / Zuccardi UCO / Sophenia / Others Ask

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About Me

I am Mauricio, “the wine guy”. Like many other stories of many, many people, I became who I am as a result of having being related to the industry of winemaking since my early youth. I come from a family that goes back 300 years in Mendoza and they have always being related to agriculture and wine making. Since the birth of Mendoza as one of the federal independent states of Argentina, the Molina´s have been involved in agricultural activities but also into politics (2 of my great grand parents were governors of this province), where they played an important role in the development and growth of Mendoza. My father was a winemaker, he was an agricultural engineer, specialized in wine making and worked for the National Institute of Viticulture, (the official organization that regulates the industry). and when I was a kid, he used to take me with him to the lab and showed me the processes of analysis of wines. He used to tell me “Mauricito, this wine is supposed to be good but this one here is much, much better, although it costs less”. When I turned fourteen, he,(my father) was offered a job in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) at a winery called Monis Wineries and he accepted. I used to help him in the lab and even sometimes drove the truck to carry materials to and from the winery. I remember, once he made a wine with strawberries that was really good. After returning and settling back in Mendoza, I begun to learn more about the wine industry and used to take people to wineries when there was no one else doing it. I left Argentina once more, and this time it was to South Africa where I traveled to the wine region in Stellenbosch and Paarl, South Africa, to learn more about it, and again returned to Mendoza to continue with my studies in public relations and history. My father passed away in 2002 when I was living in Atlanta, Georgia where I worked for GE for 4 years before returning to Mendoza for good. Since I got back from the States, I have being working in the wine tourism industry, and learning the different processes of wine making and meeting so many interesting people. There is so much about the wine industry still to learn and so many people yet to meet, that it is just a pleasure and a privilege for me to be in this trade. Mendoza captures the heart of every visitor and not only because of its wine but also for it’s the beauty and the warmth of its people. I say to you, “Come and enjoy our hospitality and allow yourselves to be driven by the natural flow of our beautiful and relaxed way of life. Drink our wine and experience our great climate right here in the ‘land of the sun and good wine’”. ¡Salud amigos!